Quality since 1955

The Bulckaert company was founded in 1955 and started as a weaving mill of upholstery fabrics.

In 1981 Weverij Bulckaert nv introduced both light weight and heavy weight 100% viscose rugs on the market. The company was the first producer of these soft and silk looking rugs. The rugs became very successful worldwide over a short period of time. Weverij Bulckaert was the market leader of 100% viscose rugs for use as ‘hot carpet cover’ in Japan.

In the 90’s many other collections were developed. Using Australian wool, Dralon ® silk looking Acrylic, Egyptian Cotton and Trilobal Spun Polyester.

Another innovation by Bulckaert was the laminating of rugs and mats with backings such as: polyester felt (FB), polyester felt with anti slip dots (FBA) and PU foam with polyester felt (FBAA) as anti noise carpet in 1997.

In that same year the Bulckaert brand was registered in China and a distribution network was set up.

2001: Very successful was the combination weaving/printing, a technique patented by Bulckaert.

End 2006, Weverij Bulckaert, started using PTT yarn in area rugs under the brand name Corterra ® from Shell Chemicals PTT PolyCanada. Soon this quality, known as ‘SENS’, got very famous among rug specialists and consequently a lot of experience with PTT yarn was built up.

In November 2009 the decision was made to stop activities under Weverij Bulckaert nv and install the weaving machines with subcontractors. The activities are continued under HBC Management bvba, which is the holding company. 

More than ever before, the aim of HBC is innovation in silk looking rugs: new raw materials, up to date patterns and exciting colors.

In September 2011 a license agreement was reached between HBC and DuPont for the use of the DuPont ™ Sorona ® fibers in area rugs .

Our team

Henk Bulckaert

president, development and sales

Katja Vanlerberghe

designing and planning

Sandra Vanden Berghe

invoicing, forwarding and logistics

Hilde Bauwens

bookkeeping and financing

Tania Dooms

sampling and quality control