Born stain resistant and washable

Creating a healthy home environment is becoming a greater issue year after year. The issue of a healthy house environment is getting a more important issue every year. Sorona® is inherent stain resistant, that will not wash or wear off.

SENS rugs create a care free environment in your home. Even a hot coffee spill is easily removed, go ahead, try it for yourself. Dust and dirt, spots, bacteria, dust mites that get into traditional rugs can be easily removed in SENS rugs by hand or machine washing in water at 30°C.

No loose fibers can be found on the surface of the rugs. Consequently there will be no fibers free in the air or on clothing.

Less is more

Producing DuPont™ Sorona® uses 30% less energy and reduces greenhouse emissions by 63% compared to the production of an equal amount of nylon 6. No additional chemical treatments are used for stain resistance.. Dying is achieved at a lower temperature than polyester.

SENS rugs are constructed to weigh less than most other rugs and consume much less raw material yarn. And because of the lighter construction, the rug is foldable, reducing the need for excess transportation cost and storage space.

The life time of SENS rugs, made of Sorona® is much longer than many other rugs, due to the structure of the fiber. These rugs are soft, yet provide durability equal to or better than any other fiber used today.

DuPont™ Sorona®

DuPont™ Sorona® is the most recent addition to the DuPont legacy in fiber innovation that includes a.o. nylon, Lycra® and Coolmax®.

Since 1939, DuPont has been the leader in synthetic or man-made fibers. Sorona® offers not only new benefits as a fiber, but it is also made in a new, unique and environmentally friendly way. Sorona® is also known as PTT.

Bulckaert, founded in 1955 has introduced rugs in viscose yarn on the market in the eighties and has many years of experience in the production of high density and soft silky area rugs. SENS rugs have a density of 1.000.000 to 1.250.000 pile points per sqm, available in 3,5 or 7mm pile height.